Thursday, 22 April 2021

Agricultural activities is on all matters ranging from design, materials, machinery, obtaining and granting agencies and subsidiaries, sales, import and export of all goods trade.
Organi Hume is the largest company supports organic products thus get sole representative of the organic products (Organi HUME and Organi LIQ) in Middle East, noting the three main aims in human life, including: prevent the infiltration of chemicals in agriculture product, prevent degradation of groundwater and keeping the environment clean and free from any chemical.
Natural and organic products are marketed in two forms:
Organi HUME: Partially granulated form and is used under soil.
its name derives from two words, the word organic means natural products and humic acid a substance derived from the decomposition of plant residues. Organi HUME is a product of nature derived from mountains of New Mexico in America and contain high amounts of folic acid and humic acid (40 to 60%) and more than 40 kinds of natural minerals such as iron - Aluminum - Potassium - Calcium - Sulfur - Sodium - Magnesium - Manganese - Zinc - Copper and….
Organi LIQ: This product is used  through the spray, pressurized irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, Bablr, etc.) and flood irrigation.
Liquid organic fertilizer (organi LIQ), enriched with nitrogen,  potassium, sulfur and phosphorus due to their unique properties strengthen the plant's immune system, making them more resistant to pests and increases quantity and quality of the product .